Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm a proud Christian Goth!

I'm sure everyone has seen a person dressed all in black and sneered and jested about them thinking they are probably going to the next chicken beheading. And I'm sure some of the goth people looked at the mundanes and wondered if they go comatose with such boring lives from time to time. well, here's a newsflash both stereotypes are WRONG!!!!

I happen to be what i consider goth. And yes my favorite color has always been black. The weirder and unique something is the more i am attracted to it. the thought of learning something new from it is very exciting to me. And yes i am very artsy as you can tell from the items in my store. and that's just a small sample of the things i get into.

I also happen to be christian. An active member of the Monson-Glendale UMC. I do the monthly newsletter and website, am secretary of the united Methodist women's club, am part of the choir, head of the nurture/worship committee, am an alter steward, and regularly help with the beverages at our suppers. Yes i get looks from the mainly elder members who have known me for over 10 years. Yes i get looks from mundanes (i.e. "normal" people). Heck, I probably get looks from other goths lol !

The point is God made us all. Goth, Christian and everything in between! He doesn't love one more than the other.

Besides aren't we all weird to someone else? The trick is in the learning and discovering that IDIC is true. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Or diffrences are our greatest strengths.

So the next time you see goth walking down the street sometime on a Sunday they just might be heading to their nearest church and churches, if you see them coming, greet them warmly and welcome them.

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